Altra Viho Men’s Road Running Shoe

4 out of 5


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The Viho is lightweight, durable and performance ready for all your road running adventures. The comfortable midsole and breathable mesh upper make this a great shoe for runners of all levels and shoe preferences. If you’ve always wanted to try Altra, or you’ve been wanting to work running into…


  1. Ryan Wasser

    I really wanted to like these. I thought they would be a good road shoe comparable to the Lone Peaks. I only tried them on and did not wear them. This was simply because where the laces end near the toes, the shoe was extremely tight and the design of the shoe allowed no stretch at this point. Adjusting the laces offered no relief either. The toe box and midfoot were narrower than Lone Peak but not uncomfortably so. The shoe looks and feels good on the foot with the exception of the pint point by the base of the toes.

  2. Amazon Customer

    I use these for walking and running on limestone and dirt single track. Most Shoes I wear a 10.5, but in Altra I wear a 10. These were no different. I measured my foot and used their size chart. I also use lock-lacing.These are the best fitting Altra shoes I have bought. Period. What sets these shoes apart is the secure fit, grip and cushioning. First, the toe box is roomy, but narrower than most Altra shoes. This gives it a secure feel on my foot unlike some other models. I can take turns and move laterally with no slippage. Second, the full rubber grip on the bottom has not failed me yet. I was surprised on how well the shoes work in a trail setting. Finally, the cushioning is dialed in perfectly. It comfortably protects against the ground, yet still pops.My only complaints are the the round laces. I plan to replace the round ones with flat ones which are easier to secure.I will be buying another pair. Thank you Altra for continuing to make zero-drop shoes!

  3. William Woods

    I love Altra running shoes and have many pairs of the Escalante model. This new model is great BUT I had to make a cut in the upper because the solid parts of the upper at the base of the tongue are too tight for a wide foot…..even though the shoe is (like all Atra) shaped like a foot.

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