Anjali Fantastique Flexie Stainless Steel Vegetable Cutter

4 out of 5


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A perfect tool for cutting of vegetable and fruit without any finger cuts. Two sided razor sharp blades helps to chop all vegetables in shapes and sizes of your choice. Flexible blade for safety.


  1. DeeJose

    The little black handle broke when i tried to cut onion!Blade is sharp…my earlier chopping board was good for years, so this bad quality was surprising.

  2. K Ray

    Have been using the Anjali Fantastique simple version for years and can’t live without it. This one(Flexi) is overall better than the simple version as:1) Although it doesn’t have vacuum legs, its sticks really well to the kitchen counter. The earlier one used to move around a lot!2)Looks better with thicker board almost reaching the bottom3) Is a bit heavier too which gives more stabilityThe only thing which I don’t much like is the handle in a loop instead of the earlier ball shape. The ball was easier to hold. The term Flexi doesn’t signify much to me as even in the earlier version, the blade was flexible and you could move it in all directions. Overall, I prefer the newer version and thanks so much for making my life a hell lot easier! I’m terrible with knives 🙂

  3. Geetanjali

    Plastic has good quality n blade is enough sharp for easy use. Just one thing when I visited reliance mart I got same product in very less price.infact I ll say all Anjali products here on Amazon are with no discount so costly.

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