Combo of Dual USB 2. 4 A Fast Phone Charger Micro USB syc and Charge Cables

4 out of 5


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Dual USB port: high amp of the charger ensures that your mobile gets charged at lightening fast speeds. Gives you the freedom to charge two mobile devices using just one plug, charging single device gives an output of 2.4a and two device used simultaneously gives a divided output. Made with good…


  1. Chetana Joshi

    Cheap Low quality charger,I bought only because MAKE IN INDIA. But disappointing.Not worth Rs. 500/-.Better to buy offline or branded charger.Heats up within 2-3 min. Current is although good about 2A.

  2. Amzn Amazing World

    A Fine Product/Packing Received. Highly Recommend.My Sincere Thanks to PINNACLZ/AMAZON.🙏👍😀

  3. Abhishek Desai

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.  EDITED-The adapter doesn’t look durable ,but will see ,My power bank (10,000mah) was completely drained as just came for travel,so a good one to test the charger ,The adapter heated up in couple of minutes .Refer to images .Also you have to register to get 3 month extended warranty,so initially it’s ,3 months and you have the register within 15 days for extra 3 months (3+3)Let’s see how much time does it work.Will update this it at a later stage .ITS STILL IS CHARGING SO RETURNING ITWHAT A PITY 😣

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