Eureka Forbes AquaSure from Aquaguard Delight (RO+UV+MTDS) 7L water purifier,6 stages of purification (White)

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Presenting, from the house of Aquaguard, the AquaSure Delight range of Water Purifiers; an aesthetic marvel, consisting of state-of-the-art products keeping the needs of the urban customer in mind, This water purifier comes with Dual RO+UV+MTDS technology which ensures that the water you drink is…

3 reviews for Eureka Forbes AquaSure from Aquaguard Delight (RO+UV+MTDS) 7L water purifier,6 stages of purification (White)

4 out of 5
  1. Sharfuddin Baba Mohammed

    Product and Service Review-Buying price 8999 during prime day sale with 10% discount from HDFC DEBIT CARD.PRODUCT REVIEW!RATING 4/5This is a new model launched during prime day from Eureka Forbes Aquaguard line of products named Aquasure delight.The product is pleasant to look and comes with a capacity of 7.5l on paper but holds only 7 liters of water, equipped with reverse osmosis, ultraviolet radiation lamp and manual adjustment for total dissolved solids(can be manually adjusted only by service engineer!), the 7 liter tank fills at about 30 mins but the water wastage is very high for every 1litre water purified there is a drainage of 1-1.5 litre from the drain pipe (please collect the water and reuse it for washing utensils or bathing, shaving or watering plants. The drained water is same as tank water just with higher TDS). The water taste varies according to the level of TDS you choose very low TDS will give a good taste to water but at a loss of the mineral content of water which I will not recommend. The default TDS after purification is set somewhere between 80-100 (drinking water should have TDS below 300)MANUFACTURER REVIEWRATING 2/51)The manufacturer of this product is Eureka Forbes I am giving a rate of 2/5 because the product that is now installed at my home is a replaced product because the first product that I received was a defective one. The drain pipe would not stop draining water even when the tank was full, I asked the technician to check it and he said the valve is defective so I received a DEFECTIVE PRODUCT OUT OF THE BOX! I ordered for a replacement on Amazon which they processed and I got another one in which the led lights were displaced I don’t know it happened during transport or it is some manufacturing defect I would have been disappointed for the second time but I observed it and reported to the technician who replaced the led lights to their original position so that the led indicators were now visible outside. The replaced product’s valve is functional and now operating without any hassle!SERVICE REVIEW0/5Don’t expect to have a very comfortable installation experience its going to be a heartache. The reasons are1. The people Eureka Forbes has employed as technicians are thieves, I am saying this because Aquasure Delight comes with INTEGRATED DIVERTER VALVE, this is a stainless steel structure that is fitted to water outlet coming from the wall so that it can act as converter to be joined to the Aquaguard inlet! as I hadn’t opened the package when it arrived! (because some or many of the companies void the warranty of you open the box containing the product, mostly electrical items that need installation like TV’s Washing machines) Taking the precaution I didn’t open the box so I was unaware that DIVERTER is included in the package! The technician after fitting the diverter charged Rs 200 saying that he fitted that from his side and diverter is not included in the package. i came to know this when I opened the package of the replaced product and found THE DIVERTER INCLUDED ALONG and confronted him but he defended saying some purifiers have diverter in them and some don’t. I still have to confirm this with Eureka Forbes!2) The pre filter doesn’t come included in the package so the technicians sell it to you at higher prices, My technician sold it to me at Rs 950 which is available at Amazon at Rs 750 but then if had ordered it from Amazon I have to install it by myself. I don’t have a drill etc so I had to pay him Rs 950 so loss of Rs 400 on the technician. My opinion on this is that Eureka Forbes SHOULD SELL WATER PURIFIERA WITH PRE FILTER even though it raises the cost of the product by Rs 700 to Rs 800PLATFORM REVIEW!2/5The platform in which I bought is of course Amazon I am giving it a rating of 2/5 because I received a defective product the first time and Amazon refused to replace it because installation request was not raised by Amazon (Amazon never raises an installation request unlike Flipkart which raises an installation request from its side, which actually makes your life easy as in case if you receive a defective product which you notice after installation Flipkart directly consults with the technician and may even resend him to verify the authenticity of the problem) For installation you have to call the Eureka Forbes toll free number and raise an installation request, so Amazon representative was demanding an INSTALLATION REPORT, a video or photo proof of the problem, now how could I make that thief of a technician to write an installation report and about taking a photo or video I got the water purifier uninstalled as soon as I found it defective to put it up for replacement but I didn’t know replacement request has these many hassles as it was my first time replacing an electronic product!SUMMARY1) PRODUCT IS GOOD FOR THE MENTIONED PRICE!2)AQUASURE COMES WITH “INTEGRATED DIVERTER VALVE” A STAINLESS STEEL DEVICE THAT IS ATTACHED TO YOUR WATER OUTLET AND THE AQUAGUARD, DON’T LET YOUR TECHNICIAN CHARGE YOU FOR IT.3) THE TECHNICIAN WILL OVERCHARGE YOU FOR PRE FILTER BE READY FOR THAT.4) TECHNICIANS ARE CUNNING AND MOSTLY THIEVES SO BE SHARP AROUND THEM.5) MAKE SURE PRODUCT IS NOT DEFECTIVE IF IT IS AMAZON IS GOING TO GIVE YOU A HARD TIME REPLACING IT.6) AMAZON WILL NOT RAISE AN INSTALLATION REQUEST YOU HAVE TO RAISE IT BY YOURSELF BY CALLING EUREKA FORBES CUSTOMER CARE!OVERALL VERDICT- 2.5/5

  2. Amey Hemant Patil

    Writing this review after using purifier for 4 days. Bought it for less than INR.8500 /- after doing sizable amount of research of purifiers. Its functioning very smooth since it is installed hopefully it functions properly in future also.Below are my point wise analysis :-1) Water taste is good.2) Machine is very easy to install.3) Ease of use.4) Design seems to be very good.5) Seems to be very economical w/ 6K+ water purification capacity overall. I think it will last for more than 1.5 years.6) With moderate water pressure it takes no more than 15-20 mins to fill up 7+ ltr tank.7) Delivery and installation happened on successive days after I placed order. Kudos to Amazon and vendor.8) No need of booking installation , it was done by vendor and was completed by Eureka forbes installation guy immediately. Kudos to Eureka forbes service. Hopefully they continue same in future… :)Conclusion :- Value buy for less than 10 K budget. And since it has got capability to purify 2k+ TDS water literally can purify any type of water. Already recommended to my friend and he bought it. So definitely must buy from my side…

  3. RjHunter

    Delivery and installation is ON TIME..👍🏻Eureka Forbes customer support is Awesome 👍🏻Huge noise from motor and little water leak from tap was observed..Without any second thought I asked for replacement and it was accepted by Amazon.I got a replacement in 2 days..With new machine everything is normal and machine is absolutely noiseless and works perfect.. Water flavour is good👍🏻Optional Pre filter Cost (I Paid during Installation)= ₹ 950Machine cost = ₹ 8699 in prime day sale..A budget friendly and easy to use product.. Just go for it..👍🏻Value for money 👌🏻👌🏻Thanks!

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