Hoteon FT01 1.3 inches Full Touchscreen and Round Dial Display Customized Smartwatch with IP68 Waterproof, Fitness Tracker, Pedometer , Heart Rate for Men and Women (Red)

4 out of 5


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Call and App Notifications After Bluetooth is connected to the mobile phone, it can support incoming call reminder. SMS reminders and various APP message notifications (Facebook/Twitter/Gmail/Linkedin/Wechat) will never miss your important news. Sedentary reminders, pedometers, music control,…

3 reviews for Hoteon FT01 1.3 inches Full Touchscreen and Round Dial Display Customized Smartwatch with IP68 Waterproof, Fitness Tracker, Pedometer , Heart Rate for Men and Women (Red)

4 out of 5
  1. Passang 123

     Watch is good but the feature does not provide touch on wake which i prefer in smart watch. Guesture mode to quick look is quite unstabla as it awake on other movement of hand. Otherwise this watch is perfect. Hoteon should add this additional feature as per personal requirement.Now, after 21 days of regular use, it’s display is not working. It got struck. Battery drains very quickly after 50%.So its not reliable.

  2. Neeshant Upadhya

    Here is a review after 9 days of use:1- battery: Super. I charged to 100% before wearing it. After 9.5 days it is at 75%. At this rate this will last a month! Couldn’t ask for more. I check hear rate and BP about 3 to 4 times a day, all day auto heart rate monitoring is on, display comes on only on hand twist (quick view selected in the app). Screen brightness is at 2 out of 5 settings (40% – default setting), which works for me.Full touch is good and sensitive. I shower with it and have had no issues, so IP68 is true. Also good in the pool and shallow sea.Good looks. Pedometer is good- I have checked with manual count, 5% -/+ error rate. Steps do count even in the car on bumpy roads.BP measurement isn’t very reliable though I haven’t yet compared to a machine.Sleep monitoring- It captures the sleep and wake up times well. Total sleep time is the only item visible on the watch, for rest details one has to go to the app, which is to be downloaded on ur phone. Easy to connect app to watch.SPO2- has always been at 96-98%. I assume that is ok measurement.Watch uses phone’s internet (and location for GPS) for weather. U have to select the location for weather (London city) in the app..not available from phone.Watch has the 3 default watch faces that can be selected from the watch itself.. for other faces go to the app. One of the default face has ability for u to put in you own photo as background. It is lovely! Have included photos of the app.. it has at least 40 watch faces.. not sure if u can design on ur own as I didn’t spot any such option.The Breath training is nothing great. Just a set of 8 “short” Breath cycles… would have been nice if one could select the length of these cycle durations. I don’t find it useful.No scratches yet, using without any screen guard. Don’t intend to apply as well.This is a great watch for the price. Nice screen, has all basic features and more. Shows you messages from the phone as well. What more do you need. For about 2500 (in sale) it is every bit value for money.Will update the BP accuracy in a few days…but that can’t be a reason to buy or not to buy this gadget. Just dont think twice. I love HOTEON stuff… I have the 2019 version of this watch too, and that too is great.

  3. Gaurav Chavan

    Got this delivered today.. Did some testing… Very very happy with the product for now…*Editable watch faces*call / sms notification*accurate reading*full touch with clean UINot a complete review.. no negative point from initial testing..**update**Have been using this for 2 weeks now.. Battery drop from 75% to 59%.. This is real monster battery… Should easily last for 45 days i guess with single charge..Do note: I have kept most features auto mode..I am very pleased with the buy..

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