Motorola TurboPower 15+ Wall Charger with Micro-USB Data Cable

4 out of 5


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The TurboPower 15+ wall charger is the updated version of the actual TurboPower15. With QualComm Quick Charge (QC) 3.0 capability and backwards compatibility with QC 2.0 charging protocol, this charger is even faster than its predecessor and gives hours of power in just minutes of charging;…


  1. Lone Wolf

    Doubt if this is original. Why would an original adapter made in China and imported, be stamped with the bureau of Indian standards website?See picture: the adapter on top is the original supplied with the phone.The one below is this product.Expensive for a knock off.As another review mentioned, the cable doesn’t feel original either (unless the new design has a curved micro USB port end)?

  2. Vaz

    Was happy to order this product.. however in just about half hour had to list it for a return as it didn’t work.. now the changed product is here and its giving a buzzing sound from the main adapter when on charge.. scary man.. has anyone heard a buzzing sound ever from a phone charger.. can someone help me get a proper charger or refund me my money with interest for the pain you have caused

  3. Md Shahabuddin

    I was purchased motorola turbo charger from Amazon. After 3 months I found a problem in this charger . But motorola customer services not accept my warranty. He is saying. This seller is not authorised .If seller is not authorised . So why Amazon pramoting this item . I mean Amazon is frouding to public or seller is frouding to public. I want seller details . And I want amazon cover my warranty.

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