Nivia Heat Basketball Shoes

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The outer material is of PU and PVC synthetic leather with polka dot and graphic printing on its upper side; Available with a Eva phylon, TPU sank and rubber sole for its maximum performance and durability; The pair looks graceful while wearing; In-Box Contents :- 1 Pair of Shoes. Size :- 6 UK


  1. PewDiePie

    Nivia is the best company to buy affordable shoes from. This is my 3rd basketball shoe and the first one I bought was 2 years ago and I still use it to this day. I bought the white ones a little over 2 months now and the pictures you see are of that age only. The PVC material is very shiny and perfect as its very easy to keep and maintain that shine, just keep it clean, wipe the dirt off with a clean water soaked cloth. I personally love Nivia and I hope they sponsor me lol. I will never stop buying their basketball shoes. They are high maintannence if you wanna keep them looking fancy and classy as they are but that rule applies to all belongings. Wear these with joggers, that was they will look even bigger than they are and you are sure to turn some heads around. Very durable sole and pretty heavy duty over all.

  2. Deepak Kaswan

    Shoes are comfortable ..and fits very good….the weight of shoes is also right. Anyone who want to buy a basketball shoes pair….The best model available of Nivea company for basketball is this model… Trust me i Have tried 3 different models of this shoe company…and this is the best model ..and best price…so if you wanna buy shoes of Nivea..then buy this…Nivea Heat Basketball. Best buy best price best quality. Remember 1/3rd the price of nike/puma shoes and equal the quality and comfort of those international brands….So buy it….I don’t write reviews..But this is a Indian brand and it’s always good to promote our own products..

  3. Pawan yadav

    The shoes are awesome fits perfectly. But the colour is not like shown in pic, its lime yellow in the place of green. But still I loved it😘😍🏀.Thanks Amazon

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