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BENEFICIAL EFFECTS: Makes the person active, Sharpens the mind, Cleanses the body and mind, strengthens and synchronizes the physical and mental energies.; REMOVES: Mental dullness, laziness, Relief from ailments.; DIRECTIONS TO USE: Light this lamp in the puja room during evenings for a minimum…

3 reviews for Samvruddhi Shaneeshwara Shanthi Deepa Thailam, 1 L

5 out of 5
  1. Kumar P.

    Compared to the more complex methods of pleasing Lord Shani Dev this one is a loteasier and could be done right at home. More importantly its shastra sammat , meaning according to our sashtras and our Maharishis .

  2. Aruna Sekar

    I liked the product very much. I used it to light lamps in the pooja room. The delivery was also prompt.

  3. Raji


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