Tata Swach Non Electric Cristella Plus 18-Litre Gravity Based Water Purifier

4 out of 5


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Tata Swach Cristella Plus is an attractive storage purifier apt for the modern home. Its silver nanotechnology effectively destroys bacteria and viruses as per USEPA guidelines. No electricity or running water required.

3 reviews for Tata Swach Non Electric Cristella Plus 18-Litre Gravity Based Water Purifier

4 out of 5
  1. James

    I have been using non-electric purifiers due to space constraints in my kitchen and I switched from HUL’s pureit to Tata Swatch due to the simpler design of the latter. My first opinion was that Swatch was somehow an inferior clone of Pureit. However, though both of them functions in a similar manner, they are entirely different technologies. Pureit has better quality plastics, but Swatch works much more flawlessly. The product assembly and disassembly is much simpler than pureit, but you need to clean it more frequently.There are two meshes which should be cleaned weekly and the tanks should be cleaned once in a month. Both of them are good for municipal water, but they are not fit for hard-water treatment or for removal of chlorine. So which one is better? Swatch is slightly better, due to its simplicity.Swatch does not overflow, if you use it properly. There is an indicator in the side of the upper and lower tanks. When you first pour water into it, fill till the top tank reaches the red level. Then, from the next time onward, see how much water is left in the bottom tank and fill the top tank accordingly. If the water in the lower tank reaches the red mark, fill the top tank till it touches the red mark. I find that it is easier if you just empty out the bottom tank whenever you pour water into the top tank. This ensures that the purifier would never overflow.When I first used it, the water that came out had a deep brown colour, but it cleared up soon after that. Another problem is that sometimes the flow rate decreases due to air present inside the mesh and the bulb, you can clear it using the bellow. The instruction manual has clear directions for this.So overall, I think that it works well, but it is not a fit-and-forget gadget.

  2. raj87

    The only part that came in sealed packing was the tata swachh bulb.Assembling was easy. I get muncipality water at home and the filtration is effective for me.overall good product if you have regular supply of municipal water.

  3. Anita R.

    Firstly it was too much hassle to set it up and secondly it needs to be cleaned every week so it has to be opened and fixed again everytime. The item that i received was defective and the water kept leaking out all the time resulting in mess in my kitchen hence had to return it. The product is decent as per the cost only thing is you have to be patient to open, clean and set it up every time.

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