Timex Expedition Analog-Digital Beige Dial Men’s Watch – MF13

4 out of 5


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This watch is a Men’s watch with 37.7 MM case diameter, Band Width :24 Millimeters ,Thickness: 8 mm , The dial might appear smaller than what is seen on the Image. Please refer to the scale shot image to understand exact size of the watch; This watch comes with a Indiglo feature. A dark dot…

3 reviews for Timex Expedition Analog-Digital Beige Dial Men’s Watch – MF13

4 out of 5
  1. Umar shaikh

    After using this watch for almost 8 month i am wrtintng this review.the quality of strap is not upto with discrepation as shown on product page. The steap is not waterproof & faded to black even after very less contact with water. The straps also get severely wrinkled after NORMAL use only.The main surprisingly fact that the cell of watch is dead after only 8 month. shocking !!!!!!!!!Dont buy this watch at this price (1800). instead look for another one.This is honest review after the gentle use of watch.

  2. buyer dude

    Bought this watch 3 times in last 15 years… Everytime the quality deteriorated…1st lasted for 8 years. Next for 5 years. And the lastest for 2 years…(just feel off my wrist somewhere) the worst strap every. Failed me every single time.Lesson is…. Buy the watch and the first thing to do is go and get the strap changed to a fast track strap, preferably a Velcro type one. And then use the watch for a decade… I guess I’ll have to buy it the 4th time now…Updated… Bought it the 4th time on sale… Didn’t start using it till I finally changed the strap

  3. Giridhar Arra

    If am return my Watch. My reward points are added to my wallet.Watch is very small.. it will good for below 10 yrs boys not for adultBut features is gud

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