Tosmy Stainless Steel Premium Apple Cutter, Multicolour

4 out of 5


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New Stylish Apple Cutter, made of High quality plastic and blades Separates the core and make equal slices, simultaneously. Very quick & very easy. Hygienic and Elegant stylish. Boon to apple lovers. Can also be used for pears and other soft fruits scientifically and aesthetically designed handle…

3 reviews for Tosmy Stainless Steel Premium Apple Cutter, Multicolour

4 out of 5
  1. Karmic Voice

    ^^^^^ Pros ^^^^^Well built, elegant designQuality stainless steelComfortable handle gives a good gripSharp on one side for quick mashing ( need to be careful when cleaning) but blunt on the other side.Buy in lightning deals as it gets featured regularly vvvv Cons vvvvThe same product under other brand name is sold at lower price; my friend got the other brand for 29 during sale. i bought the same for 70. such big difference:(color choice not offered ; wanted the green color Do express if this was helpful 🙂

  2. Bidyapati Rajkumar

    I got defective used old item which is rusted, scratched and bended as well. See the image. Can’t believe Amazon is entertaining such service provider who is spoiling their image.

  3. Amit Arora

    Good slicer as apple cutter , you do not need to pull out the seeds , it cuts the apple in such a way that the seeds come out separately without hurting the main apple eatable part. No need to use knives and cutting apple , just wash the apple, keep the apple slicer on apple and apply pressure so the apple cuts well.

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