USB C Wall Charger, RAVPower 61W PD 3.0 [GaN Tech] Type C Fast Charging Power Delivery Foldable Adapter, Compatible with MacBook Pro/Air, Ipad Pro 2018, iPhone Xs Max/XR/X and More (Black)

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Color:Black | Style:1-Port(61W) Technical Specifications: Power Delivery Version: PD3. 0 Input: AC 100V-240V 50/60Hz 1. 5A Output: DC 5V/3A, 9V/3A, 12V/3A, 15V/3A, 20V/3A, 20. 3V/3A, 61W max. Charging Efficiency: More than 93% Dimensions: 1. 9 1. 9 1. 2 in / 49 49 32 mm Weight: 3. 7oz / 105g…


  1. Alishan marediya

    With the 61w charging ,my pixel 4 xl is charging way better than usual stock charger ,the 12w usb plug is used for my Samsung device s6 and it does work very well. Overall very happy with the product loved it..

  2. Just Chris

    Loving this RAVpower charger so far. Bought with my own money and not sponsored or paid to post this either.- Delivers on wattage/current.- Awesome size for what it does.- Feels durable, looks ok.- FOLDING PRONGS ON THEIR COMPACT HI-CAP CHARGER (mind blown).As noted in description, this unit arrives in a box with a plastic bag around it and nothing more.No cables, no adapters, no extensions, etc. It does work with every USB-C cable I have tried with it. (Anker, RAVpower, AmazonBasics, Choetech, Aukey, Apple). PD works wonderfully and quickly also, no weirdness on unplug/replugs.Now, prior to getting this charger my favorite was the Anker Atom PD1. That was a small 30w USB-C PD unit. It was tiny, and could charge all my gear (iPad Pro 11, iPhone XS Max & XR, and Macbook Pro 13 quad core).But the Macbook 13 was not happy when I tried to charge it with the Atom PD1. The Atom PD1 sat there “thermally unimpressed” and was equally unhappy. I was all for torture testing the Atom PD1 until failure but those darn non-folding prongs irritated me.Enter the RAVpower 61w USB-C PD Pioneer GaN. For a trivial increase in weight and volume, I can now charge *anything* in my bag at its full speed, and still don’t have to worry about the adapter falling out of the outlet due to weight/size, and I barely notice the difference over the prior Anker. I also have a nice package for travel without silly non-folding prongs.For those of you reading and wondering how this compares to Apples OEM chargers, yes it is smaller than their 60 and 30w units. I added some pics to help you gauge sizes, clockwise from top:- Apple 87w- Apple 29w- Apple 61w- Anker Atom 60w PowerPort PD2- Anker Atom 30w PowerPort PD1(RAVpower dead center of them all, and I assume you can identify them properly in the linear shot).The RAVpower is thus far the best incarnation I have seen of GaN tech in these chargers and will become my “one charger” that goes everywhere with me now.This is also my first RAVpower wall charger so far, I have been using it for about a week, and if anything changes count on me updating this review.If you found this helpful – thank you. If you didn’t – click the other button and shoot me a comment so I can get it sorted.Thanks for reading my review,-Chris

  3. Gerardo

    Compre este cargador, porque la verdad estaba ya harto de andar buscando opciones de terceros que terminaban siendo mejores que los originales pero no lo suficiente, habia tenido desde el original hasta alguno economico pero eficiente de Ugreen (muy bueno tambien) pero dije ya… veamos que mas hay que ademas me pueda durar por muchisimo tiempo no me importa el precio, y para mi sorpresa encontre esta maravilla, cabe aclarar que mi uso es muy simple, para dascargar datos y carga de mi telefono Samsung S8, es mucho poder para mi telefono pero mi criterio era comprarme algo muy bueno que me dure incluso para mis proximos telefonos, computadoras o cualquier equipo, y el factor tamaño me encanto, adjunte foto de la comparacion con mi mano y el cargador de samsung, el cargado se siente super premium, mas que cualquiera de samsung apple o algun tercero que haya por ahi en venta, la clavija o encufe se colapsa y se siente muy muy robusta, si me veo con este cargador muchos años mas claro si sigue funcionando ya que esta es solo mi primera impresion, tambien le compre un cable acorde a su capacidad que adjunte en fotos, es un Lention de 3 metros, al final ya por fin logre calmas esa inquitud que tenia de que si mi cargado era lento no cargaba bien o que si el cable que tenia no era suficientemente largo o fiable para carga o datos, espero a alguien le sirva esta informacion. Como ultimo dato este cargador lo compre en 564 mxn y el cable en 340 mxn

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