Zinq Technologies 2A Dual Port Mobile Charger for Android and iOS Devices, BIS Certified, Cable Included (White)

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Zinq dual port wall charger. The ultimate answer to your charging needs, the compact quantum dual port wall charger is safe and smart, charging up your devices to be ready and go in no time. Smartly integrated ic intelligently detects the device connected in each port while also identifying the…


  1. Kalyana

    I have an old Dell Venue 8 Pro tablet. Now its charger is lost and I needed a replacement of output 5V 2A. I have a moto charger and a few others which claims it gives 5V 2A output but none of them wereable to charge my tablet. This charger seemed cheap and had BIS certification so I bought it. It worked like a charm, my tablet charged to 100% within 2.5 hours. I have not used it in 2 years still it was pretty quick. The original charger from dell is 3000 Rs. Also not just my use case the charger itself is pretty solid and well built and you get a micro usb cable as well. So I say its a pretty badass product. Completely satisfied 🙂

  2. Bharath

    This is very nice and working fine.I checked the amperage while charging mobile.It gives more 2.3 amps when I charge my 10000mah power bank.On my mobile it gives 1.5amps as my mobile takes 1.5amps and it’s good.Zinq technology mentioned 2amps but actually it’s 2.3amps 😉Finally daily am this charger and working great.Thank you.

  3. Krups

    Great build quality for the price. It comes with a good quality thick micro USB cable. Dual USB ports are handy as nowadays everything charges over USB port. Haven’t tried with apple device but it works great with my android phone and headphones together. Super happy with the purchase.

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